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90% Efficiency Rate


Xtreme Cooler works on 90% cooling efficiency thus delivering cool air even in peak summers.

18° C Peak Temperature Drop


When outside ambient temperature goes above 45° C, Xtreme Cooler would still deliver air of 27°C, more the heat - better the cooling.

High Return On Investment


Xtreme Coolers costs only 25% compared to air-conditioner & 50% to air-washer for industrial application. The running costs are only 10% of eqvivalent refrigeration units & 25% to air-washers.

10,000 CFM Air In just 1kW of Electricity


This is less than half the energy taken by residential window air-conditioner. One Xtreme Cooler rated at 10,000 CFM can cool upto 2000 Sq.Ft. area. The best in industry, Xtreme Cooler is next generation cooling technology.

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